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Joining Kits
Kirloskar Oil Engines

Recently, The Yellow Whale embarked on an extraordinary journey, partnering with India's behemoth in Genset manufacturing, Kirloskar Oil Engines. We unleashed our creative prowess, conceiving and crafting a truly remarkable employee joining kit. Our design narrative was intricately woven around the factory, the heart and soul of the company, its people, and the illustrious Kirloskar product line.

Within the joining kit, we unveiled a bespoke envelope – a true masterpiece in its own right. Nestled inside was a warm, personally penned welcome note from the Managing Director of Kirloskar Oil Engines, adding an exclusive and heartfelt touch to the whole experience.

In the face of Kirloskar Oil Engines' remarkable 135-year legacy, we embraced the challenge of encapsulating their immense history within a compact joining kit. Our solution? A sleek, five-fold brochure, where each page stands as a visual testament to their incredible achievements, skillfully weaving a narrative of their illustrious journey.

Naturally, no journey is complete without the essence of coffee. So, we introduced a stylish coffee tumbler, thoughtfully designed to harmonize seamlessly with the manufacturer's kit, bringing a touch of elegance and caffeine-fueled energy to the mix.

In our mission to create the ultimate Kirloskar manufacturing joining kit, we didn't stop at just design; we added a meaningful touch with a collection of gratitude-packed thank-you cards. These small, but mighty gestures, were carefully placed within the kit, serving as a reminder that appreciating the journey is as important as the destination.

As a final touch of intrigue and fun, we introduced a captivating jigsaw puzzle into the heart of the manufacturer's kit. It's not just a puzzle; it's a mental adventure that echoes the spirit of Kirloskar's innovative legacy, adding a touch of mystery and discovery to the experience.

From conceptualizing to crafting, bringing the Manufacturer's Kit to life for one of India's biggest companies was nothing short of exhilarating! The Yellow Whale had a blast weaving this masterpiece together, turning imagination into reality with style and flair.