The "Mind" Behind it all

Meet Shashank Srinivas, the visionary captain behind The Yellow Whale. With a creative prowess that spans a glorious decade, Shashank has been making waves in the design world like no other. Armed with an artistic toolbox and a mischievous twinkle in his eye, he fearlessly dives into the depths of imagination to conjure up awe-inspiring brand experiences. His design finesse is as sharp as a harpoon, effortlessly piercing through mundane conventions and breathing life into every pixel. With a flair for the extraordinary and an obsession for perfection, Shashank is the force behind our agency's ocean of creativity. So, hold your breath and brace yourself as we set sail on a voyage led by the indomitable Shashank Srinivas, where design boundaries are shattered, and your brand emerges as the ruler of the seven seas. Prepare to be swept away by The Yellow Whale and witness the magic of Shashank's 10-year design odyssey like never before.


I have had the privilege of sourcing my marketing design needs to Shashank and his company, The Yellow Whale, for the last several years. His work is brilliant, always on time or ahead of time, and the best part, which my entire team will agree, is that Shashank is such an incredible human being. I enjoy seeing Shashank's excitement while working on a creative project. He is a rare find. If you are looking to go to the next level with your creative needs, then give The Yellow Whale a shot.
Sujo John
Founder, YouCanFreeUs
Understanding the clients DNA and delivering work of global standards with his complete uncompromising involvement is Shashank’s expertise. A constant desire to learn and upgrade is what keeps him agile and consistently upping his game. Working with Shashank has always been effortless and seamless. It is a joy and an asset to have him on my team.
Founder & Creative Director
Shashank is one of those undiscovered creative geniuses, once he gets a hang of what you want, he will create something so different and unique. He is a very humble and has always stretched to ensure he has met some tight deadlines, doing multiple all nighters if needed. Talents like him are super hard to find.
Jagadish Balakrishnan
Founder & Creative Director