Deep Health

Book Design

The Yellow Whale proudly joined forces with a diverse group of exceptionally creative minds to breathe life into an extraordinary book about health, penned by the remarkable Mr. Sandeep Mall, a distinguished wildlife photographer and a fitness expert. What makes this project truly exceptional are the vivid illustrations that grace its pages, adding a unique and captivating dimension to the narrative.

We meticulously divided the book into distinct sections, each a pathway to transformation: goal setting, diet, sleep patterns, and mental and physical health. Each section was imbued with its unique tonality and colors, intuitively guiding the reader through their journey, making it an elegant and self-explanatory experience.

Behind the creation of this masterpiece:
Publication Design: The Maestros at Design Bytes
Graphics and Layout: The Creative Force of The Yellow Whale
Illustrations: The Artistry of Abhilash Jose