BrandingJoining Kits

Behr-Hella Thermocontrol entrusted The Yellow Whale with a remarkable mission: to design and develop a kit for their exclusive Managerial Workshop - 'Takshashila' (an evocative Sanskrit term). We forged a logo that elegantly wove together English and Devanagari, creating a logo that transcends boundaries, embodying the essence of unity and vision.

The Yellow Whale handpicked a treasure trove of essentials for the kit, each an embodiment of purpose and inspiration: a bespoke folder, a set of motivational quote cards, a warm welcome from the MD and CEO, a roadmap to the program, a notebook for ideas and dreams, badges to wear with pride, and an array of other meticulously curated treasures.

We crafted an elegant and minimalistic box with a twist of modernity and heritage. Carved from recycled wood, it exudes a unique aura, marrying the contemporary with the age-old, encapsulating a timeless charm and eco-friendly spirit.

In a nutshell, crafting Takshashila was a thrilling, puzzle-solving adventure packed with creative zest, where every challenge turned into an opportunity to weave an intriguing tapestry of knowledge and inspiration.